Experimental Series

These mixed media paintings juxtapose images to create an unexpected composition and tell a story within a story.

River Series

Cathy paints directly from nature. At other times she sees nature through the lens her own imagination.

Christian Art Series

Just as parables paint word pictures, Cathy’s paintings depict an idea or tell a story.

Cloud of Witnesses Series

Hebrews 11 & 12 describes the faithful cloud of witnesses from Bible times. These paintings represent witnesses from Cathy’s life who have been an encouragement to her.

Robes of Water Series

The rapids of the flowing water have become the robes of the women who are a part of the nature surrounding them.

Sculpture Series

Patterns of water flowing across the surface of the marble sculptures suggests not only the texture of the marble but also suggests the passage of time. Time has not changed the beauty and vitality of Michelangelo’s sculptures.

Troubled Youth Series

The strong color on the faces of the youth suggests that something is not right about the happy scenes. The young peoples lives were devastated by drugs. The carnation on the red couch represents a life cut short.

On-location Drawing & Painting

These paintings are from direct observation or from photos which record a period in time.