The earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof…Psalms 24:1

The love of nature is one of the most basic themes in the art work by Cathy Cotter-Smith. Observing the beauty, mystery and power in God’s creation is the source of her inspiration. Cathy loves for her paintings to tell a story and finds that the juxtaposition of images from nature, people, art and architecture can weave a multifaceted tale.

Watercolor is the perfect medium for Cathy to express her creativity. Watercolor can be realistic and mysterious, hard edged and muted, textured and smooth in the same passage. The property of water allows the paint to flow under its own will, interacting with the paint pigments to create unexpected results which mimic the forces in nature. Painting with a brush, water and paint allows her to respond intuitively to her subject.

There are many recurring themes in the art work by Cathy Cotter-Smith. She enjoys working in a series of paintings to explore a theme or idea. She also finds that she will return to a subject many times over the years. Please visit the gallery to see the various themes that Cathy has painted.